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Daniel is an accomplished executive known for his exceptional track record in developing and leading teams to achieve corporate objectives and financial milestones. With a keen ability to manage complex projects and provide strategic guidance to top-level executives, Daniel excels in delivering confidential services to CEOs, Boards of Directors, Private Equity Groups, private investors, and company Founders. His proficiency in handling high-pressure situations and tight timelines allows him to offer objective, qualitative, and quantitative advisement with utmost discretion.

Specializing in startup, scaling, and turnaround environments, Daniel's expertise lies in providing critical advice and identifying key performance indicators that drive success. He conducts in-depth metric analysis to optimize efficiencies and address deficiencies across service-based and manufacturing businesses. Daniel is skilled in streamlining operational infrastructures, including financial reporting, cost of goods sold (COGs), profitability analysis, supply chain management, legal strategy, and establishing sustainable protocols for long-term success.

As a co-founder of the pioneering company in online beauty product sales and having successfully brought over 400 consumer products to market, Daniel is a valuable adviser known for his commitment to financial and operational transparency. He consistently delivers results by increasing bottom-line productivity and driving profitability. Daniel's expertise extends to driving sustainable scaling and maximizing profitability across global operations, showcasing his strengths as a negotiator, strategist, mentor, leader, relationship builder, and cross-cultural communicator with a proven track record in diverse markets such as the US, UK, NZ, China, and India.

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